Washington D.C. Day 2 – Chipotle

I did work and travel for three summers in Rehoboth beach, DE. My second summer there a Chipotle opened doors and I remember it immediately became me and my friends favorite place to eat. Why? It is delicious, it is cheap and you fall in love with it right away.

It has now been two years since my last summer in Rehoboth, and that was the last time I had Chipotle. And let me tell you, you really cannot get Chipotle in Europe (except in U.K. where I have never been). So the thought of the delicious chicken tacos stayed with me. This is why I had lunch there with my friend.

I got my usual – chicken tacos with sour cream and cheese, mildly hot. And my friend got one of their bowls that always looks enormous and yummy as hell. We shared a bag of chips and guac and it was magical.



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