Washington D.C. Day 3 – Vapiano

Today for dinner, I was surprised by an Italian restaurant – Vapiano.

A place where you order your food, and watch the cook make it right in front of you. I was so pleasantly surprised, not only because I love Italian food all together, but because pasta is one of the things I live for. And also because it has been my dream to be in a restaurant and watch the chef prepare my food, using the freshest, nicest, most vibrant ingredients possible.

What I ordered – Crema Di Funghi fussili – pasta cooked in light oyster and mushroom sauce with cream and white wine mmm…

My friend got the Pollo Picante which included variety of different chillies and also chicken.


I cannot say anything more but – fantastic. I have never had better pasta in my life. I am planning to go there again before my trip ends.


And pasta is not the only thing you can get there, prepare yourself for the entire variety of Italian specials.

The evening ended with a fantastic desert too, something that can always win me over – Triple chocolate cake. What was interesting (at least to me) about the place where we had the desert – it was actually part of a book store. Imagine walking down the street, and seeing the most crowded fun looking bar with great food being served on tables and people laughing and talking. I was shocked that this is actually a part of the bookstore I had visited the day before.


More good food to follow.



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