Washington DC Day 1 – Tenley Bar & Grill

So, day one in DC, if we don’t count yesterday’s nightmarish 12 hours of flights, mixed with 4-6 hours wait in between and then 2 hours waiting to pass customs followed by 2 hour bus/metro ride. It ended, however, on positive note as I managed to get a sandwich from one of my favorite places which you can read about in one of the next few days.

Today we are talking about a sports bar with a little sexy twist: Tenley Bar & Grill.

This is a bar in close proximity to a friend’s place, and since I have visited my friend a lot through the years, I have found myself in this bar countless times.

If you were wondering what the sexy twist is, I will let you in on a secret: This place is now owned and run by a fellow Bulgarian, whom, I dare say, is doing an excellent job.

Went there with Alex today for a brunch. What did we have? Something I have been excited about for a long time, because I love the concept of it, but I have never ever tried it:  Eggs Benedict. I must say I was not disappointed even one tiny bit and they were amazing (see before and after pics below).


As to the Bulgarian owner, from what I heard, there is now Bulgarian food sprinkled here and there in the menu, as a kind reminder that we are here! Another thing I heard it that this place organizes some mean Bulgarian parties, so if you are a  Bulgarian in DC, I would say this is a place you have to visit.

Not only the Bulgarian food and the eggs Benedict are worth trying here. I would say without a doubt that I have never eaten something here that I have disliked.


So no matter if you are looking for a place to watch your game, or a place to have a fabulous  brunch/lunch/dinner, or just a place to meet a fellow Bulgarian, or talk to one first hand (ha-ha) – this is the place for you.


And, hey, tip well!

More on DC spots to eat tomorrow.



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