La Boqueria Food Market in Barcelona


This market is located just off the most famous street in Barcelona – La Rambla, and what I liked about it was that it reminded me about my childhood.

When I was little we had market like that in my home town, and it would be open every Saturday and Wednesday. It would have booths that sell mostly anything – from clothes, to food, to furniture and what not.

What was different about  La Boqueria, was first of all that it is much bigger than what I have seen in my hometown as a kid, and second – it only sells food.

As  a foodie and a sucker for fresh amazing ingredients, I fell in love with this place.

What I saw the first time I discovered it (because I had never heard or read about it) was just splashes of color everywhere mixed with the buzzing of hundreds of people walking around, selling, buying, taking photographs.

I cannot tell if I have seen the whole market, or just a small part of it, as there were such crowds, I could not tell which direction I am going in, or what is going on.

Rest assured, I can tell for sure that there are food bars located all over the market that offer fresh sea food meals, where you can sit on a stool as the whole noise and buzzing around you continues. Prices in these bars can go up to 20 euro a meal, but this is worth it in my opinion, because of the guaranteed freshness of the food.


Next thing that caught my eye were the fruit booths, where you can find absolutely all kinds of fruits, booming with freshness and color!

Another good one (OMG) were the chocolate booths – hundreds and hundreds types of chocolate candy made with all different kinds of chocolate – I was informed that the kilo costs 79 euro!

You can also find all kinds of other sweets, many many types of spices, booths that sell freshly made fruit juice for 1 euro a glass and many more things (nuts, meats and guts :D).





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