A tornado of people. Some good. Some bad. And where is the difference in the end? Was there really a difference or did you make that up in order to feel like everything makes sense, seldom, at least.

They come, they go. Sometimes they stay. But just for a while. Do we take something out of it all?

Maybe we just hypnotize ourselves into existence, the way we are told it is supposed to be. Maybe it is just a wicked spiral and we just go round and round, not really having a choice because the spiral is already there. There is no escaping it, it is already built by someone, we are already there, what else is left but to go with it?

And yet. Some people do stick longer than others. Some people do seem to make a difference. Even if imaginary, even if it really was a mirage. It was real to us.

My reality is not yours. Your reality is far from mine. But each one is none the less truthful, none the less painful, and none the less a path of learning.

To each our own.

I hope I made a difference.



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