Georgetown Cupcake

Georgetown with its rich history and fantastic architecture, along with the Potomac River,  narrow bridges and many many shopping stops make the perfect home for a cupcake shop.

I was introduced to this place by my friend Alejandro, who took me there to taste one of their signature cupcakes.

Why might you have heard of Georgetown Cupcake?

You may have watched a reality on TLC named DC cupcakes, which was shot in 2010 and tells the story of the two sisters who own Georgetown cupcake and the aspects of owning a small business. The six episode series brought great success to the sisters-owners and they have appeared on many shows since and expanded their business to six more locations nationwide (US of A).

Some might think the cupcakes are unreasonably overpriced, but my personal opinion is that they are amazing. They are made “the right way” and lots and lots of effort is put into each one, not mentioning the ingredients, some of which are specially imported from France (cocoa) and Madagascar (vanilla).

I am absolutely in love with their red velvet cupcakes, but this is far from the only option in the shop. 151 flavors all together – 18 classics, 56 special flavors (depending on the day of the week) and another 77 seasonal flavors, that change depending on the month.

Georgetown Cupcake is one of my must-visit locations every time I am in D.C. and if you had even one taste of their cupcakes, you will know why.

If you are as obsessed with pastry making as I am, I recommend you visit their website, where you can watch them make their cupcakes live:

If you are passing by Georgetown and you want to grab a cupcake, make sure you check their fridge live cam, in order to get the name of the secret cupcake for that day. If you buy one and mention the secret flavor for the day you may get it for free.

Looking forward to having a red velvet again soon!!! 🙂



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