Cosmos – one of the good ones

It doesn’t happen often enough for me to find a truly good place to eat. Especially here in Sofia.

And don’t get me wrong, there are probably tons of good places with nice atmosphere and good food that are waiting to be discovered.

Whatever the reason for me not to discover them too often might be, I am always happy when the magic happens. And cosmos was magical for me – a person who has always appreciated the art of cooking and the balance, stress and the feeling of achieving something big when running your own restaurant.

Walking into Cosmos, I immediately get the feeling of comfort, of satisfying atmosphere where every small detail was thought trough and put there for a reason and with lots of love.


The moving lamps on the ceiling in the shape of little metallic planets blink ever so magically in the gloomy, but still filled with life far end of the room and they make me want to stay there and watch them for at least five hours.

I can see the bar from where I am sitting and there the bartender is literally making loose drinks fly in the air as he pours them into fancy glasses. Cocktails, not overpowered with decorations, but with the color and taste of the drink itself.

The food – beautifully done by professionals who have the same love of food that I do – merely a celebration for the eye and the mouth.


Bulgarian food with a twist. Something that Bulgarian food has so desperately needed.


Please try it.


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