A cosy place.

A place of astonishing architecture. The place where the sea, meets us – small, little humans.

Barcelona – something larger than us, something that will be there for ages to come. Something that brings history, spirit and a little sadness for me personally.

I immediately felt home in Barcelona. The lemons, the orange trees. That brings some sort of comfort.

What Gaudí left behind – intertwined with stained glass and ceramics works-of-art – buildings and things that came out of Alisa’s wonderland.

But what will stick. What will always make me remember my fantastic time in Barcelona?

Port of Barcelona –  a place where I, Pisces, felt at home, like I always do around large bodies of water.

There is something about Ports and I have found them magical ever since I can remember. The waves of the crazy, unforeseeable, mad sea meet the calm order of human creation. You can’t argue against the existence of magic in this.

And if you are not as romantically attached to such places, like I am – you will always appreciate the hundreds of seagulls, the fantastic view of the beach and open sea and the lovely breeze.

Placa de Catalunya – reached this place after a long day of walking. And it was like an island of relief and interesting sights.

The magnificent fountains, the palace filled with pigeons and little kids feeding them and running after them. And the start of the most famous street in Barcelona:

La Rambla – this might sound familiar, either because you have previously been there, or because you have read about my adventures in the food market located on this street. In either case, I must say I enjoyed every meter of walking this street right up until I reached the Columbus statue and the Port.

Arc de Triumph – much what you might anticipate when hearing these words. This is Arc…of Triumph. 🙂 And it is a  place of magic, followed by even more magical park.

What I didn’t like? I would have liked someone local to show me around. That is most certainly how you learn about the place’s spirit the fastest .

But the sight of lemons and oranges on the trees and Gaudí’s fabulous creations is something that can inspire even the most uninspired.



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