Boston and the unique mixture

As a human being living in a tiny small country, USA has always amazed me with its distances. The lone fact that one can drive over 10 hours just to get from town A to town B, just mesmerizes me.

And this is exactly the case of our trip from Rehoboth beach, DE to Boston, MA. Here  I need to mention that my friend that came with me on this trip, gets panic attacks when she gets on a bus, or a car, or even metro train. So this made our ten hour trip (with only one stop) even more adventurous.

You probably read in the Title that I called Boston a unique mixture and let me tell you why I thought so. For me it the feel that city has is, that of a mixture between New York and Washington, DC. It has New York’s skyscrapers and modernism incorporated in the architecture and the locals. But it also has DC’s old, historic and cozy buildings associated with a smaller town, the charming neighborhoods, the red pavement…. it is a unique mix of two places I love to death.

The first thing I ever saw in Boston was Harvard university. And I need to be honest – our tour guide was so bored and so uninterested in Boston by now, that we literally ran through the entire thing seeing this and that here and there, and I could not remember a word from what he told us. The one thing I remember was the nice, antiquy feel that Harvard’s library brought to my mind. I also remember how nice the weather was that morning, everything was so green and filled with color. You know, there are some days that are brighter than others.

Bellow I will mention several of the spots that deserve being seen and that have their place in my heart to this day:

1. Freedom trail
The Freedom trail, as you may have already realized is a trail!:D

It is 2.5 miles long and it goes through downtown Boston, stopping at some significant for the US history locations. One sure sign that will help you not to miss it are the special
markers implanted in the sidewalk, showing the stops along the trail.

As a person who doesn’t have much of a clue about American history, I can only say that you can definitely feel something in the air when following it. Spirit of patriotism I guess?


2. Public garden
Boston’s Public Garden was established in 1837 and it was declared as National Historic Landmark in 1987 – if you ask me, this happened too late, as any such place need to be placed under the protection of the law and taken special care of.
It is beautiful, and when I mentioned earlier that the days spent in Boston were much brighter and more colorful than others, this is in big part thanks to our visit to this park. The feeling when you are in a forest, miles away from towns and villages, when you can hear the true nature with its sounds and silences – that’s what this park brought to me.


3. Prudential tower with its Skywalk observatory
The Pru was mostly interesting to me because of its observation deck, located on the 50th floor of this skyscraper. I don’t knowwhat it is about heights and views but there is  certainly something that attracts people in the idea of seeing a city from bird’s perspective. This is the place we spent the largest segment of our trip, and I for one am incredibly happy that we went there just around sunset. The views bellow speak for themselves and they also show what I meant earlier when I mentioned the mixture between old and new, tall and short, history and modern.

4. Beacon hill
Beacon hill is the fanciest Boston neighborhood, and to me it is the same that Georgetown is to Washington, DC – the most desirable and fancy place to live, with characteristic architecture. Even if you cannot afford to live there (just like I can’t), you will still have a blast just walking around.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take photos of every pastry I see and everything I have eaten during the trip.

– K. 🙂

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