Rehoboth beach, Delaware

If someone ever asked me: Where is the place, where you changed? Where did you become what you are now? Where have you had the most amazing time of your life?

The answer to all these will be – Rehoboth.

Rehoboth beach is a small town by the ocean in Delaware. Because it is located by the beach, it is of course a summer resort and it is most populated during the months between June and September.

What makes it special for me?

I had the luck to work there for three summers – in 2012, 2013 (at Dolle’s candy land which I will discuss a little more in a bit) and 2014 (at TCBY). All the time I have spent there allowed me to get to know it very well, but the town itself is not the special part. The special part were the experiences – good and bad, the literally hundreds of friends I have made during my stay there, the sunsets, the plans, the candy, the Love – Gosh.

Now, about Dolle’s. It is a place with history! It is owned by Tom Ibach, who also owns Ibach’s candy by the sea shop next door. Dolle’s was first opened in 1926! And moved at it’s current location on 1 Rehoboth avenue in 1927. One thing I can say for sure is that it is still a place that houses the love of things done right, and the only place in Rehoboth that makes its own salt water taffy (Which is simply famous all over US) and amazing caramel corn. My personal favorites are the blueberry taffy, that they only make in the summer (even though they are opened year round) and the brittles!  I have watched Tom make them countless times and I can still remember the amazing smell! Please, if you are in town, get some ASAP! 🙂

Some of the beautiful spots in town for me are:

  • Silver lake, which is a charming lake with wonderful views, amazing houses all around and tons of ducks! Always a great place to take some quality photos.
  • The beach (obviously) – the beach is wide and large and pretty peaceful, especially if you decide not to rest your towel in front of any of the hotels. I have mostly had chances to visit the beach in rainy days, but it was none the less pleasant and relaxing.
  • The boardwalk – where most of the fun happens in the summer, and also the fireworks on 4th of July!

Some amazing places to eat….hmmm…where should I start?

  • Outback Steakhouse! – as you can probably figure out by the name, you can find some quality steak there, and, please, try their Bloomin’ onion!

  • Go fish! – traditional English fish and chips and the most amazing coleslaw and mashed potatoes with cheddar!

  • The Greene turtle – it is a sports bar with SOUL and fabulous food. You won’t go wrong whatever you order and, please get the strawberry lemonade too!

What is certainly a popular stop for most visitors are the outlet shops on the highway.

Two things that are still stuck in my mind are the Rehoboth sky, and specifically sunsets in Rehoboth. They are just the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. And full moon above the ocean at night time.

And let’s not forget the serendipity factor.



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