DIY: Love is in the air

The elephant is in the room. Valentine’s day is approaching, and while in Bulgaria we have another great holiday to celebrate on the same day and some prefer it (wine day!), today’s DIY is entirely inspired by love.

I would like to call it Lovelier.. .as in chandelier of love..well I am corny. Sorry.

So, if you want to make one, and create some atmosphere of love in your home, or wherever else, please keep reading.

What you are going to need:

  • Beads (I used tiny crystals but you can use whatever you like)
  • Some hearts cut out of paper (red and white in my case)
  • Clear string
  • And a hanger

My hanger has 12 hooks, that is why I did two different designs and tied them six by six on my hooks.

What I did for the inner circle was perforating holes in my paper hearts so that I can tie them with clear string.

My advise will be for you to tie them loosely, because otherwise, once you attach the beads at the bottom your hearts will stand sideways and you don’t want that. Since the hearts are made out of paper and they are so light, you need the beads at the bottom to keep everything nice and straight.

For the outer circle, i tied seven beads per string in the middle of the string, and a large crystal at the bottom.


Love is in the air now.




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