Villa Rosiche – the place to fall in love

If you asked me 5 years ago, I would tell you, the place to fall in love is positively and only New York.


If someone asked me “What is better than New York?” my answer would be –  a bakery where you can get lost in a bite of cake or dessert, where everything is made with respect towards the ingredients, with love for the art and with lots of creativity and passion.

Last year, in January, I had both lost hope that there is actually a good bakery in Sofia and that my love life will ever be more than just something I remember once existed.

And then…

A friend of a friend invited me on a date. “I will show you a great bakery” he said, and brought an incredibly skeptical look on my face, which he didn’t see because we were on Facebook!

On the day, which happened to be a Saturday, I drove to Sofia at 1ish pm to meet this guy and walk together to the bakery. It was freezing. Must have been -10, ice everywhere, and we met, walked to the bakery and talked the whole way there. And we entered.

Wood covered floors, cute, homey decorations, small tables and windows that reminded me of home with the tiny white curtains and the view of the street downstairs. It smelled like vanilla and sugar in the air. We both ordered the same cake because we had spotted it on the way in, we didn’t know the name so each one of us described it and the waitress  went “So you both want the Strawberry Charlotte? “. We laughed, I ordered a raspberry lemonade and a french press and we shared it.


Talked for hours, the cake tasted like heaven (oh my God, strawberries!), the coffee was so fragrant, the space was so cosy. Everything I have ever wanted in a bakery was there, and this person helped me discover it, and for that he immediately gained points. Many many points.

We still come every time we have couple of hours left during the weekend. We came here in the summer when it was 35 degrees outside, we came here when it was snowing, raining and when the leaves were turning red and brown. We always try different cakes, and we always talk and talk.

Because for us, this was the place to fall in love. Come, visit it. Bring someone with you, fall in love. Or Back in love.

Strawberries. Limes. Coffee.




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