Me and my cousin have a tradition. Once or twice a year we arrange a trip to somewhere neither of us has been before and we spend 4-5 days walking around, sight seeing and being exhausted walking 25-30 kilometers a day (because we have an unspoken rule not to use any sort of transport during our visit).

So this year we went to Rome.

I must say, out of all the places I have been, this one was one of the most welcoming, most warm and with the best food and views ever.

The place we stayed was a bed and breakfast near the Colosseum. When we look for a place usually we check Air B&B, but this time it didn’t work and we couldn’t find anything that suited our price and location goals so we did a Booking. In the spirit of Rome, the place also did not disappoint, it was cosy, lovely looking, with fabulous breakfast and coffee and Marco, the host, was incredibly nice and helpful to us. Link below if you would like to book the same place:

urbi et orbi

Like already mentioned above everything about this trip was great, with no complaints what so ever, everything happened on time and the way it is supposed to so we landed early in the morning, we took a bus that took us to their Termini railway station and then we walked to the B&B which was about 1-2 km walk. We arrived in, took a quick shower and as we had gotten up really early to catch our flight we were already starving by now, so we went out looking for food.

The close proximity to the Coliseum, however, distracted us and we passed it bay and had to stay there and enjoy the magnificent view.


Once we were able to continue our quest for food, we left the Coliseum, not realizing that we are in Rome now and on every tiny alley, on every street, circle or square there is some ancient something that makes you stop and just wonder how something can be so impressive and breath taking. Having said this, finding food took us a while. But boy was it worth it!

We all know I am a foodie, so this trip to Rome for me was like an endless foodgasm, with all the gelatos, pizza, pasta, desserts and fantastic, amazing, espresso, latte and what not….my God the tiramisu!


We went to Rome in March, and the climate there being quite warm, I think this must be the most wonderful time to visit, because the temp is in that perfect spot between chilly and hot, and you can make the best of your walks. Like we did.

The Spanish steps, the Trevi fountain (where we threw some coins), the Vatican city, the Sistine chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, Opera singers in the street while we are having lunch, seagulls everywhere. Palms, orange trees. Sunshine. Lovely company and lots of walking.

Rome, I want to come back.



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  1. Marit says:

    Planning on traveling to Rome after New year’s and this was a great read. Thanks for sharing! 😃

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