André – 5 star experience

Talking about cooking done right, here is a small place in a quiet location right in Bulgaria’s capital where you need to go ASAP.


First of all, how did I learn about this restaurant? The Bulgarian version of the reality show for home cooks  becoming professionals- “Master Chef” has been an eye opener for the food business here and we have learnt how its done abroad so to speak. This is where Bulgarian cooks working fancy jobs outside of the country decided it is time to return and start something here.

One of the amazing spots where the master chef has actually been a judge in the show “Master Chef” is André. A place where food is done properly and with love. A place where each bite is an art and you wish you could make the meal last longer.

Starting with the fantastic ambiance – a quiet place, close to nature, relaxing and somewhat distanced from everything else.

This is the perfect place to dress up and be your better self. Feel special, feel pampered and leave happy with the feeling anything is possible.

I went with a friend of mine, as she won a free dinner reward at work, I was her plus one. Some of the sparkles of the evening that would always stay in my head – tasting hollandaise for the first time, the quiet and peace around us, and that amazing chocolate desert with a black cherry at the end.



P.S. Pictures are taken off their official Facebook page


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