Djanam Steak House

If you are ever in Sofia and in desperate need of quality steak, I have a suggestion for you: Djanam Steak House.

I do not claim to be a steak expert, not in the slightest. But I am one who can appreciate quality food and the magic it creates, no matter the type.

I have visited the place twice, once for an office dinner and once for a friend’s birthday and I must say both times I felt the magic. This is the magic a quality restaurant creates and by quality restaurant I mean one that is made by people who love food, for people who love food. Just the way it has to be.

Few things you need to know:

One: They offer wide range of steaks, along with lamb and beef specialties that will make your head spin and they also have a Dry Aged case which allows the meat to mature for 28 days before it is cooked and served to clients.

Two: If you have an occasion to celebrate, this is the place to visit. The staff is amazing and the atmosphere is nothing less than magnificent.

Three: Other than a Steak House Djanam is also a Nargile Lounge Bar and the Nargiles they offer are also something you should not miss.

Lastly:  They have amazing range of Turkish deserts which you need to try. If you have space left in your stomach that is.

I would visit the place daily if given the chance.

Oh, and don’t forget to ask for extra pepper.





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