Thassos Island – Greece

I have only been in Greece once, before my recent trip to Thassos and I need to be honest – I did not like it at all.

I need to also note that my first visit to Greece was not to the same place. It was to a small tiny village called Fanari really close by the Bulgarian border (which is why we went there).

This time around, I got to see part of the real Greece and along side with that – I got to relax a little, after really tense few months at work.

The Thassos Island is reached by ferry only (duh), and the nice relaxing feeling starts right then and there. I do not know if it is because of my zodiac sign (Pisces) or there is another reason, but I feel extremely well being on any type of water vessel. It makes me feel one with the sea, it makes me feel closer to nature. So yes, the relaxing feeling started there.


Once we reached the hotel – a small two story building right on the beach – Right. There. On. The. Beach. – we were immediately welcomed most warmly by the owner and his entire staff. The place was surrounded by pine and olive trees and everything was in blossom. Jasmin grows everywhere on this island and everything smells Fantastic.

The village we stayed at was called Skala Rachoniou. The entire Island is made of small villages and as it consists of beaches and high mountains we have for example Skala Rachoniou and then we have only Rachonio. All the villages on the beach have names starting with Skala – which in greek means stair or latter.

You will find surprising amount of things to do on Thassos  and you will be blown away by nature and crystal blue water on every step.

You can try their own type of olives that is only grown on Thassos, you can visit the olive oil museum, amazing tiny villages high, high up in the mountain, all women monastery where you will be greeted by a very irritated nun who will make the men in your group wear pants, and the women wear skirts. There you can go to a natural cave and drink fantastic mountain water which they consider holy. You will definitely Love all the food in every restaurant you sit, the fresh fish, just caught off the sea. You will get treated amazingly by the staff no matter where you sit and by greek tradition you will get a glass of ouzo each on the house as well as free desert.

But the free desert is not what is most important. The feeling of peace and quiet, the calm crystal sea and the smell of Jasmin are magical.


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