Twelve things I would like to do before I die

Don’t we all have set goals? Things we wish to accomplish, that we always think we have enough time to do. That we always look forward to in a strange way.  Like we would look forward to witnessing real magic, or one day learning the meaning of life?
My ten things are listed below, and for some of them I have dreamt my entire life, some of them I have recently realized I would love to accomplish or to happen to me. And there are, of course, some things that I am yet to discover:
  1. The Santiago de Compostela 500-mile walk. Be one with nature, with other people and with myself.
  2. Having an autographed copy of The Dark Tower by Stephen King.
  3. Visiting Japan, Thailand, Peru, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand..basically the world.
  4. Learning the art of pastry making on a professional level. Studying in a cooking school. Making art out of food. Being able to photograph food.
  5. Opening my own bakery, much like the one in “Chocolate”.
  6. Being asked to draw the illustrations for an amazing book, and actually doing it.
  7. Helping others realize how important animals are, and never see an animal hurt by a human anymore.
  8. Look back at my life one day, and realize I have one best friend, I have had for the past 20 years and I can always count on them, laugh with them, or help them if they need me. – now this one is much more complicated than it sounds, but we can still dream, can’t we?
  9. Touch a penguin and a dolphin! :)))
  10. Exchange letters with someone who lives really far away, and looking forward to receiving mail – old fashion style.
  11. Participate in real adventure.
  12. Be loved.

Some are more achievable than others. But none of them are impossible. Wish me luck! 🙂



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