Washington D.C. – What more do I need?

From the first time I set my foot on D.C. ground, I fell in love with this city. This is a place, that feels more like home to me, than my actual home, and a place where I like to return any chance I get.

The National Mall area, along with the Capitol, the White house and the Lincoln memorial are just a drop in the ocean of love I have for this place.

Washington uniquely intertwines the atmospheres of small and quiet towns with the business and crowds characteristic for New York or Boston. Adams Morgan, DuPont circle and the embassy row are some of my favorite spots.

And I am not even going to mention the lovely, lovely food I have had in many different restaurants, where my favorite is Angelico Pizzeria. The amazing cup cake shop in Georgetown. The shop where I buy all my drawing supplies on K street and, of course, the lovely friends I have managed to make through the years and whom I can always count on.

Aside from the things you can obviously see and touch, there is also this inexplicable feeling of cosyness and comfort, of warmth, of lots of intelligence gathered at one place, of beauty, friendship, possibilities, all that is good in the World.

Washington D.C. – my home away from home.


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