Someone once said that Earth and life as we know it are just a different way to introduce hell to humans. I feel I heard this many years ago, and yet, it comes to my mind way too often. You know, some things stay with you longer than you wish.

I am starting to think that life consists only of things that have involuntarily stuck to our minds for one reason or another. Is this Ka…

…faith, destiny…..

I have also heard somewhere that we were born to work, make children and die. And how much truth I see in it. Not because we can-only-do-that, but because we choose to do it. We are prepared that this is our purpose. Ever since we were little our mother and father repeated this to us every single day:

You need to go to school, so you can get into a good college. And you need to get in a good college so that you can get a good job, so that you can make money and pay for your children’s school tuition, so that they can get good job one day and do the same.

People nowadays have become really limited. They have lost their imagination, thirst for life and adventure. They live to work, and it should be the opposite.

Sometimes I feel I am the only one that understands the facts – we are only on this planet for a limited amount of time, after that no one knows. If we only have a little time, why do we waste it in being unhappy?

Think about it. And think well. When you were a child, or a teenager even, did you think your life will be this? Did you?

I don’t believe this is what we are here for. I don’t believe that my only purpose on this planet is to be in an interestingly presented type of hell.

I am here only for a blink of an eye. I better make it interesting. I better make it worth my time. I don’t have time to be unhappy.

Ka says so.


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