Washington D.C. Day 5 – Angelico Pizzeria

My first summer in US, I came to Washington D.C. to visit a friend. We walked around the National Mall, saw some museums the White house, the Capitol and then we went back to the area where he lived. A small place called Angelico Pizzeria was there and he told me he eats there quite often because the food is awesome.

We walked in and first thing I saw on the menu was the Portobello mushroom sandwich. Immediately I knew this is what I will order because I love mushrooms like nothing else.

Let me tell you, it has been 5 years since, and I am still ordering this sandwich every time I am in D.C. Last year I had half of it left over before I left  to return to Bulgaria so I took it with me. My connecting flight was in Paris, so now I can say an Angelico sandwich has been eaten in Europe too 🙂

Their pizzas, and especially the calzones are fabulous, you won’t go wrong with the pastas, wraps nor with the lasagna. You. Have. To. Eat. Here.

And have the chocolate cake for desert 🙂

More to come.



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