Miami Beach, baby!

Have you ever dreamed of enormous beaches, warm crystal blue water and a bunch of palms around you?

Then Miami Beach is the place for you.

Unfortunately (or not so much), while my short trip there lasted (about 4 days), it rained about a thousand times. Some might think that could ruin one’s vacation, especially if it involves swimming, but that was not the case. The weather there is still so warm and welcoming that you won’t even notice the rain.

Couple things I really need to recommend:

  1. A hotel called Circa 39, if you are ever wondering where to stay, I definitely think you won’t be disappointed. Perfect service, welcoming staff, and lovely, lovely rooms.
  1. The boardwalk, because it is a tiny jungle on its own. It is where you can see tons of parrots, turtles and buy a coconut cocktail that you can drink straight from the coconut.


Don’t forget to take a person you love and have lots of fun together.

Hope to have a part two of this article one day!

– K.


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