NYC – the most fun I’ve ever had

There is not a living person on the planet, who has not heard of New York City, the city that never sleeps.

I have had the pleasure to visit it twice – 2 years apart, and my two visits have been completely different from one another.

My first time in NY was in 2012, when I went there to meet a very important for me person for the very first time. We stayed in a small hotel near Central Park. It was relaxing, it was green, it was romantic. The weather was fantastic.

Because my first visit was marked by meeting a person I love, New York City and Love are forever intertwined in my mind. Walking hand in hand through the park, taking photos of one another, kissing, seeing only each other.

But this city is not only Love for me, it is also Friendship. My second visit there was in 2014 along with four of the best friends I have ever had. And we did everything touristy that time. We stayed near 5th Avenue, and from the moment you set your foot out the hotel door you are swirled in a whirlpool of people, which could be really stressful, but believe me, it grows on you.

Visiting the Statue of Liberty ,  climbing all the way to the top of The Empire State Building and taking many many photographs at Madame Tussaus Museum. This trip will also be forever marked by the endless search of a shop called Sugarpova, and passing near it several times until we find it while a bus full of people was waiting for us.

NYC – sweet memories of love and friendship.



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