The corporate culture and its ups and downs

Working in a big company has always had its pros and cons I think. And while the pros are something we cannot disregard, the cons are also not worth turning our backs on.

What am I talking about?  What pros and cons, it is just a job that needs to be done in order for us to be paid and live our lives. The truth is, the place of work and the work itself are now a big part of our life, and I dare say, for better or worse, bigger part than the personal life.

This makes the corporate culture and the behaviour of the company we work in, an important part of our day to day experiences and the way we approach life as a whole.

Creating a society with its own values and goals is of course necessary for every company – the ones with 2 employees and the ones with 200 000. The word “creating” says it all – this culture and society are artificially prepared and executed in order for people working in the company to feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves, to think and feel like they all have one purpose, one goal and they all work and add value to the tasks at hand in order to accomplish the greater good.  Thus uniting them as a team, building relationships between them and making the whole chain of employees on different levels stronger and more durable.

As good as this sounds, and I think it does, there is a little problem which I will call the “Neo” problem.  Just like Neo in “The Matrix” we all feel a little bit fake in here, we feel a little out of place and a bit robotized. We refuse to accept this artificial reality that surrounds and what is observed is many people complaining. Complaining that the company gives them nothing, that it only demands, that it gives them robo goals and tasks, team activities to participate in, that they don’t feel are their own. They do not get the personal attention they need, they cannot bring their full potential to the table because everything in a corporation has a set frame that they cannot go out of.

What would the pros be of working in a big organization? Security, good pay, large amount of people you know and meet every day, friends, celebrating occasions together, actually learning a lot about people, about the work process, about how everything functions. It can change you, mostly for the better, it can change your way of thinking.

Like I already said above, creating a society and culture is good, necessary and it is a PRO and at the same time we see that it can also be a CON.

I see a lot of people complaining that they feel in prison, that they feel stuck in a place that they cannot get out of. What I can say to them is: You don’t feel this way because there is a corporate culture, you don’t feel this way because the company you work in is dumb. You feel this way because like any culture in the world, there are ones that are suitable for you, and once that seem strange and inappropriate. In other words, you are not in your own country in this company.

How do I know it? Because at the same time the masses are complaining, there are people that are sincerely happy with what they get, they add value to what they do and they don’t complain, because the place is freedom for them, not prison.

A place where you spend more time than you spend with your loved ones should bring you joy. It should feel like a second home, or else you will go mad.

Find your fit. There are as many different culture as there are companies, and one of them (or many) fit you perfectly. You just have to go out and find it.



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