It is hard sometimes.

You want to just accept the negative, the bad. Take it in and embrace it. You want to live in a world where something good is immediately followed by something bad in order “to restore the balance”. You are choosing the easy path, over the right one.

“Why easy?” you would say, “When it involves so much pain and suffering!” Because it is easier for you to stop believing, to give up, to live in a world where bad things happen just because they always do.

The hard part is to say “Yes, bad things have happened. Now it is time to embrace the good, to live for the good, to find it where others wouldn’t look!”

You need to do it. You need to believe. To see. And be seen. You cannot hide anymore. You cannot be asleep forever, you cannot be away from everything because you. Will. Miss. Everything.

Don’t. Don’t miss anything, take it all in, see the sparkle. The amazing and everlasting light that has been keeping all of us alive even when we do not realize it. Let go of the fear, the doubt, the uncertainty and live now.

Be vulnerable, be open and see what happens this time. Because you can keep doing the same old and expect a different result each time, OR, you can actually try and change it!

Just this one time.



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