Declutter your life

I went to a training at work last week, a training called Fundamentals of Lean Ideology. This is a teaching meant for corporate environment in order for employees to simplify their work process and make their day to day processes quicker and more sufficient.

During all the talk about leaving out the unnecessary and concentrating on the necessary at work, I started thinking about all the unnecessary processes in life.

How often do we waste our time in useless activities, and what’s worse – in useless people.

I have spent so much time of my life waiting for people to decide they need me, waiting for them to decide we are friends, waiting to see something good from them. And this work event just made me realize – it doesn’t have to be this way.

A friendship or any relationship for that matter doesn’t have to be an endless process of waiting, nor it has to be an endless one sided giving process. If you feel someone is worth giving to, ask yourself this: What did I ever get from this person? And I do not mean actual physical items, I mean: how many times did they make you feel better and how many times did they make you feel worse; how many times did you need help and they were not there to give it; how many times did they contact you without asking for anything in return?

The above are just a few questions you can ask yourself in order to declutter your life.

If you ask me, in order to start simplifying our work, we need to make our life simpler first. Make it easier and get rid of the negative – negative people and negative experiences that depend on YOU and you alone.

Make your life Lean.



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